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RED ORCA's new digital single "beyond the wind" was finally released on November 4th. This latest song, full of a sense of speed, contains the positive message of "Guide yourself to the other side of that wind where the future awaits." The fact that his lyrics are sprinkled with skateboarding and snowboarding terms is really typical of him. This number, which is densely packed with exciting elements that symbolize this band in a compact size, is likely to become a candidate for their new representative song. The recording was done remotely, and the mix was handled by manipulator Takashi Kusama. It is completely self-produced by the band itself.


Nobuaki Kaneko (ds), Ramon (vocals), PABLO (g), Kousuke Dodo (g), Kyotaro Katsuragi (b), and Takashi Kusama (manipulator) are the elite members of this band. Born as an evolution. In March 2020, he released his 1st album "WILD TOKYO" (ranked 1st on the iTunes rock chart), and is constantly releasing singles. I won't go into details about each member's career and background, as there is no end to it, but Kaneko, who is not only a drummer for RIZE and AA= but also a multi-talented solo project, Pay money. In addition to his achievements in To my Pain, he has supported HYDE and LiSA, has a reputation for producing sound and providing music for various artists' works, PABLO, and Kusama, who arranges music for MAN WITH A MISSION. Only human resources who collect respectful sympathy from traders and juniors. It is said that such voices are always received from co-stars at festivals and events.


However, what is more important than attracting such enthusiastic attention from the surroundings is the fact that the members of RED ORCA are connected with each other with a sense of respect. In the above-mentioned interview at the time of the completion of "WILD TOKYO", Ramon explained how he felt when Kaneko invited him, "It's great to be able to rap on Akkun (= Kaneko)'s beat, so there's no reason to refuse. He said, In addition, Katsuragi, a transcendent young bassist who looks up to KenKen, Kaneko's younger brother, as his mentor, recalled, "I was approached by the person I wanted to work with someday, and it felt like the person I had in mind proposed to me." He also said, "It felt like my teacher's older brother recognized me as a younger brother."

beyond the wind


The place where such members gather is always lively and full of positive energy. It is exactly what overlaps with the music of RED ORCA, which is a hybrid and at the same time has functional beauty. And their dynamic live performances always guarantee satisfaction. Kaneko has said about his motivation for launching RED ORCA, "I wanted to get excited at a live house with my own style, so I called out to everyone." This band is the epitome of form.


In response to the release of this new song, on November 11th, a tour called "RED CONNECTION #3" will be held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. This will be the 3rd tour of the series in a band-to-band format, but in the 1st one, the collaboration with Skateboarding and Porcupine, as well as the surprise appearance of Dragon Ash's Kj, attracted a lot of attention, and in the 2nd one, He's shared the stage with such great names as Paledusk, Age Factory and Newspeak. Enthusiastic bands such as ENTH (Osaka), SHIMA (Nagoya), and SPARK!!SHOUD!!SHOW!! (Tokyo) will be performing again this time, and Survive said the prophet will also appear in the Tokyo performance. ing.


It can be said that the real pleasure of this "RED CONNECTION" series is the exchange of heat that occurs between these various bands of different generations. The latest killer tune “beyond the wind” will definitely be performed, and not only enthusiastic fans, but also those who have never seen RED ORCA live, please take this opportunity to visit the venue. , I want you to touch the peculiar appearance of this rare band.


Yuichi Masuda

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