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2022.11.04 (fri.)

Digital Single "beyond the wind" distribution & MV release

2023.3.2 (thu.)

"beyond the darkn(Es)s" tour merch released!

2022.07.27 (wed.)

Site renewal open

2022.07.01 (fri.)

RED CONNECTION 2022 Rakuten Ticket Start selling at!

2022.07.27 (wed.)


Back print with the RED ORCA logo arranged to look like 6 members. A logo tag is sewn on the front hem.


・RED CONNECTION Face Towel 2,500yen

Same design as RED CONNECTION TEE. Face towel made with jacquard.


・RED ORCA 2022 TEE 3,500yen

The lyrics of ORCA FORCE are printed on the micro-colored body. Back from the hell, remember the name?

RED CONNECTION 2022 goods released

2022.08.26 (fri.)

RED CONNECTION 2022 goods mail order start!

Online shopping for new goods has started!

Hurry up to purchase as there are only a few items in stock!

2022.09.05 (mon.)

RED CONNECTION 2022 Rakuten ticket advance start!

2022.09.023 (fri.)

RED CONNECTION 2022 additional performances decided! Guest band announcement

2022.10.13 (thu.)

RED CONNECTION 2022 Tokyo performance additional guests decided & opening act decided!

2022.11.10 (thu.)

The design of the new song beyond the wind motif and the RED ORCA TEE body color vanilla ver that was popular on the previous tour are now available!

RED CONNECTION #3 Goods Released

2022.12.23 (fri.)

RED ORCA joins Dragon Ash 25th anniversary tribute album

RED ORCA participates in the tribute album commemorating the 25th anniversary of Dragon Ash's major debut!

A cover of one song from the album "MIXTURE" released in 2010.The song will be announced at a later date.

2/22 (Wed.) release "25 - A Tribute To Dragon Ash -"

​ Details:Dragon Ash Official Site

2023.9.11 (mon.)

Kyotaro Katsuragi is leaving the band

2022.12.24 (sat.)

LIVE TOUR "beyond the darkn(Es)s" to be held


2022.12.24 (sat.)

Digital Single "beyond the wind" distribution & MV release

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